Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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More fun, cards, charms, and designs, etc will be added soon, as well as a new header design...

For now, you may PURCHASE any card or design that you find on my GALLERY site. Just mention the name of the card, and quantity. E-mail me here to order.

MITTERS CRITTERS are cartoon animals I have always wanted to design and create. I have been working on them since I was younger, and have worked on the stories as well. However, I haven't agreed with what they should look like yet, but they are in the works. They are for kids stories I want to write. I may not ever have them published, but they will be created for the kids at my daycare and those in my family and life in general.

CRAFTS... well thats an easy one, I love arts and crafts, and love designing for scrapbooking, card-making, crocheting, Early Childhood Education resources, etc... Wherever my creativity takes me. I also create "What's in a Name?" Name acrostic poems for Children, or anyone for that matter. They are all SCRIPTURALLY BASED. Each "WIAN?" contains the child's name, the name meaning, a bible verse, and then the acrostic poem for their first name. Pictures can be added and also framing can be done as well for an extra cost. (Examples will be posted ASAP). "What's in a Name?" make nice gifts for a New Baby!

AND MORE... again an easy one... Whatever else I want to make available for you to view or purchase. (IE Online Garage Sale/Classifieds). I also take joy in photography. Although I do not have a fancy expensive digital camera , I love to take pictures of people, scenery, general life, church life, weddings, parties and more. So I am also going to have a Photography page set up, "CRE8TED 2 SHINE!"
where you can view and also purchase my photos if desired. Framing is extra. The photos will have a Bible Verse on them, and they will be inspirational to share with others. You can keep the photos for yourself, or give them away as a special gift to someone! God's creation around us is amazing and we need to share it with the world, as well as the LOVE of JESUS!
EVENTUALLY -- I want to also be available as a part-time photographer (at a low cost of course, cause I don't have official training other than my high school course), but I have several photo programs on the computer to satisfy your needs, for weddings, birthdays, showers, church events, engagements, family potraits or any other special days. I do not have a studio either, so they will be taken in places of your choice.
EVENTUALLY -- When we get our new home, and I have space for a workshop, I would like to become a part-time Stampin' Up Demonstrator as well. I love Stampin' Up, and stamping, and scrapbooking, and creating. (Of course so I can get discounted stamps & stuff too!)
*I AM FUNDRAI$ING for a MISSION TRIP to INDIA next year!!! (I am also fundraising for "AWAKEN THE GENERATION" Conference as well!) My heart is to see the children and youth of the world rise up and take their place in the world as GOD'S MIGHTY WARRIORS!

Thanks for looking... check back soon!